Wednesday, September 8, 2010

little lovelies : forrest clearing

lovely, arent they?
cast in porcelain from vintage doilies. Not only do i love the aesthetic appeal of these pieces, but thinking about the metaphorical layers behind the work has me captivated.

once handmade, they are like little monuments to the first maker reinvented using clay the second time around and then remade. Given a place of importance through their new material, but in the same breath a greater fragility.

An interesting balance is struck for me between the place of the traditional craft/its maker and its current form. somehow, its new form is both more concrete and speaks to the precarious state of this once widely known skill and its decline into something of obscurity, and all the while these pieces retain the most quite and delicate presence.

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  1. these are lovely. this is my first time here--i'll be back!