Wednesday, September 22, 2010

get your wobble on

im having a little love affair right now ...with these beautiful gelatin moulds. this is not the jello you remember

- ok it is sort of but its sophisticated and looks well good enough to eat! gelatin and aspic moulds have fallen a bit of out of favor but they used to be a crowing achievement to any meal and elaborate moulds were made to produce them. I love these little salt glazed fish molds made from something called flummery or sweet cream.
The history of these lovelies is actually quite interesting. to nerd out go here

I first became interested in this idea when i found this mould in one of my thrifting excursions. Here are a few other vintage moulds on etsy.

Moulds have been made for a long time and in many many different types of materials, some of you may be used to seeing the ceramic or tin moulds, but ive been thinking about making them more than just a vaseThe glass moulds were used mainly in the 1920's and 30's.

I want to have a Jelly Party - all on pretty cake stands in different glossy colors. think im gonna try this recipe i found on apartment therapy...rumor is they can even be made with a little vodka or champagne. care to join me??

unless otherwise noted all images curtsey of marth stewart living

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