Wednesday, September 29, 2010

a collection: part 3

i wanted to share another one of my collections today. my mortars & pestles. It all started when i was given my great grandmother's mortar and pestles. its the brass one on the right. It was one of the few things she brought from sweden and she used it on Cottage Farm. now i use it ~

the others have been picked up along the way. I really love the coors brand of M&Ps. their body types are all slightly different and with different weights, they can nest inside of one another (im always a sucker for that) and i love the crisp white exterior.

the wee one came from the lovely HarmoniePark on etsy.


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  1. love these, k. i too have a place in my heart for nesting pieces. thanks for the mention! i'm so happy you're enjoying it.