Wednesday, May 16, 2012

scandinavian cottage

 i couldn't resist posting this charming little cottage. It seems so filled with energy and simply lovely.  It would be the perfect place to spend a summer 

 I am bursting with excitement for an upcoming trip to sweden in about a month. I have been looking forward to it since november of last year and I can hardly believe it is almost here. It will be a pilgrimage of sorts as I have not been before and both my great-grandparents were born there. And, I eagerly await all of the things that come with experiencing a new place. 

i would love to have a bright summer dinner under this canopy!

images: HB Design


  1. thank you for sharing !
    my husband & i love scandinavian home decoration AND white. we'll be in Sweden & Norway in about a month, too :) We have rented a rorbu on the Lofoten & I can't wait to be there as it seems so nicely decorated.
    have a lovely trip !

    1. Valerie.
      I know what you mean, there is so much to love. Enjoy your time there.