Wednesday, May 2, 2012


some lovely spaces that I have been looking at recently. I am feeling a bit uninspired when it comes to my apartment just now. Do you ever feel that way? Just a bit stuck I suppose and not sure what is the next move on the decorating front. I know it needs to be a bigger piece and I think this is what has me paralyzed, I haven't seen anything I like just yet.  
I also need to make changes to the entryway. It needs to be more functional and thus the form needs to change. I know exactly what I would like to do but I cant seem to find the right pieces. Maybe I am too married to what i see in my head. I wish I could just sketch them and have someone make them for me. 
And finally the little eat in nook in the kitchen is feeling tired. I have been thinking something bold like glossy navy paint would spice it up but I find myself second guessing. Maybe I should just go for it? 

Anyway, I am off  a wedding for two dear friends in DC. Looking forward to being there to support them on their blissful day. Im hoping that going to this new place will bring winds of change too. Sometimes its good to step back.  
One place I am always feeling inspired though is on instagram (you can find me at cottage farm) and Im taking my polaroid with me to DC in the hopes of this beautiful tool coaxing me out of this little cloud. 

enjoy the rest of your week all. 

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