Thursday, May 17, 2012

creating a comfortable home

celebrating the launch of Etsy's new registry feature they have asked a few guest curators to put together some of their favorites for home. I was honored to see some items from Cottage Farm included in Nathan William (of Kinfolk) picks for "creating a comfortable home". But, more importantly I love his thoughts on the subject. I think each of us strive to create a comfortable, and beautiful, space that we can be proud to call home. 

For me comfort in the home goes hand-in-hand with food and the kitchen space. I have chosen my last two apartments based on how good the light is and then how good the kitchen is .... gas stove mandatory. 
It is the first room I unpack after a move which is as much about function as it is about comfort... the two are synonymous. 
I also loved Nathan's strategy for outfitting the kitchen. 
"We don’t have a tableware collection with every color scheme under the sun, but I recommend following the lighting of the day (warm morning sun, bright white midday, dark and shadowy afternoon). Darken the colors you use for an evening meal with wooden serveware, candles, and colored linens."
It is so very much about utilitarian elegance for your ever day. So logical and yet this simple practice of moving with the day leads to the creation of an incredibly beautiful setting in which to gather, eat and enjoy being together. 

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