Thursday, January 20, 2011

In with the Mid Century Modern : the finished product

im so! excited to share the sequel to In with the Mid Century Modern 

you all may remember that i found this chair in the back of a salvage truck on the street in san francisco. literally sitting atop a mountain of junk being removed from a basement somewhere around hayes valley. after a brief chat with the driver of this truck and a few eye rolls from SOS the chair was mine. 

and then the dilemma began. what?! was i going to use for fabric, what style cushion, what size cushion, welting or no welting. i must have looked at 50 different fabric and changed my mind 200 times. you can see my progress in this post. and in the end i chose exactly what i thought i didnt want at the start and i couldnt be more thrilled with the outcome. THRILLED!

 i took a risk (well risk for me anyway not for some) on the fabric choice. one day it was just like bam! sitting there at the fabric store right in front of me and i knew that was it. from there i let the fabric and the line of the chair guide me as far as cushion style and size. im so excited. 

i hope you enjoyed this little series and i would love to hear what you think.

 P.S. i picked up a new project last night and will be starting another little series on that. 


  1. absolutely beautiful, perfect fabric selection!

  2. it's gorgeous and friendly and inviting. well worth the agonizing wait!

  3. perfect! i am in the same predicament. but we have far fewer viable choices for (affordable) fabric where i am :(

  4. perfection - I love it so. Looks like the $3K chairs I saw at Monument today! Wow - such a fab before and after.

  5. thanks ladies! im very much in love - now i just want do another chair project.

    regina - yes well worth the wait. i was hopping around on one foot waiting until i could go pick it up. but im so happy with it.

    kim. i know my mom and gram were in mourning when the fabricplace closed in framingham. maybe youll have better options in pdx ~