Tuesday, November 2, 2010

In with the Mid Century Modern.

a little story for your tuesday. I spent my saturday strolling around the Hayes Valley neighborhood of san francisco. darling by all accounts and filled with little shops full of treats and treasures. A particular favorite of mine is a store which sells its own handmade line of soaps and lotions and all manner of potions - but tucked in among these things is a stunning, and i do mean stunning collection of mid-century modern furniture and pottery. drool. it really is the only interaction i can have with these pieces & their very cool price tags of 1200 or more. Fast forward and as i leave the store and round the corner what do i spy in the back of a salvage truck?! this.

plucked from the depths of a dark (and spider filled basement) was this not so ancient but oh so beautiful treasure. and so i loaded it on my back (spiders and all) and carried it to the nearest friends house where i left it for 20minutes so i could go get my car and drive it home. With a little more love (it need to be tightened up in a few places but thats it!!) and a new cushion and strapping (provided by my local upholsterer) I will be the proud new mamma of a MCM chair.

excited? YES YES YES.
suggestions on cushions material/color for me would be appreciated.


  1. that is such a fabulous find, with such a great story too! can't wait to see the after pics. (although these moody before pics are rather divine too.)

  2. what a perfect find, congrats!

    the finish on the chair is just beautiful. it seems to have survived the basement / salvage truck well? also it looks quite wide, what is its overall width?

    as for the cushion, i am a huge fan of natural fabrics. weaves with linen or cotton that have a great textural pattern. then with the rail back you may want to do a kidney pillow or a couple of knife edge pillows that are made up in a vintage patterned fabric for the color. this way you can mix up the look of the chair with the seasons or as your taste in style change.

    looking forward to the after pics!

  3. thanks ladies. im as smiley as a kid on christmas morning.

    the chair is quite wide and also lovely and deep. i think it will be the perfect reading chair once its finished. and the finish is in amazing shape. just one little place on the arm with a few oil paint splatters. but i rather like them and might keep them. its a nice reminder that the chair is part of someone else's story too.

    i am loving the idea of a textured natural fabric. maybe something off white or a hemp colored. ive been researching these like a crazy person all day. a trip to discount fabrics is on the menu for tomorrow.