Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Past Present Future

I love vintage, like really really love it. I will wake up at ungodly hours excited to look for it, walk miles to get to it (anyone whos been to the alameda flea market knows what im talking about) and there is nothing more exciting that catching just a glimpse of something out of the corner of your eye digging through a pile and finding its better than you could have imagined now matter how dusty, ratty or neglected it may look to others. And then there's the stories that the pieces are able to tell. might i be romanticizing this a tad, perhaps but then again....

while all this is wonderful and motivates me most days there is something else that i probably dont think about often enough until its right in front of me -

the other day i opened my email to this lovely little note from a customer who had purchased the above leather attache case

I love the folder. I googled the company (salz) and made an interesting discovery that the site where they had operated until 2001 underwent a soil and water remediation in 2006. It reminded me in vivid terms how buying vintage makes a lighter footprint on our little planet. Thanks for being part of that in such an elegant way.

i just wanted to take a minute to think about how truly important buying vintage is. It reduces many harmful pressures on our world and reintroduces beautiful parts of our past into our lives.

a quick history of the salz tannery, if your interested. its really very interesting. Ansel Adams was hired to document the company through photographs.

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