Wednesday, November 3, 2010

in with the mcm. To Welt or not to Welt.

So yesterday i found an upholsterer to work on my chair. Its the cutest place. a couple started it in 1968 and they are still hard at work in their little studio. they also got a kick out of me bringing in the chair (i think because its come back around again) but they knew exactly what it should look like. BUT. then the question. what type of fabric and TO WELT OR NOT TO WELT.

the above two photos show chairs with similar frames and without welted pillows. I like the very tailored and clean look of them. I also love the patterned fabric (and the mouiller lamp in the second photo) but its not really my style.

the chairs in this grouping all have welted pillows. I am really digging the blue grey fabric with the teak colored frame. i think it makes a really elegant combination. I have also been thinking about a wheat colored cushion or a cream.

1 comment:

  1. i say welt! it looks a little crisper, and (i think) more appropriate to the period.

    the unwelted pillows feel a bit like a replacement and not an original.

    however, it will be gorgeous no matter what way you go.