Wednesday, January 12, 2011

wine list wednesday : Ruston

im excited for my first wine list wednesday post. unfortunately im less excited about the wine i chose for this first post : 

Ruston 2008 sauvignon blanc. 6.99$ at trader joes. 

a plus for this wine is that the vineyard was certified organic in 2008, but it was a bit unbalanced for my liking and tasted the best on the 3rd night after i opened it.

it did have bright citrus fruit and was crisp as you would expect from a sav. blanc.  but right out of the bottle all of this was lost by the overpowering acidity. on the third night after opening however this overly acidic and slightly tart aspect of the wine had for the most part died away and it had a richer more honey based flavor. 

moral of the story. i might sight this guy on the shelf another 6 months and see what happens. 

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