Tuesday, December 7, 2010

trimmings and trappings, part 2

like many of you i am so excited to decorate for the holidays. even in my teeny tiny apartment a few holiday baubles and such appear here and there.

I also love how most of us have some association with tradition or ritual practiced over and over again at this time of year and often handed down from generation to generation.

In my family one of those things is polishing all of the beautiful brass candlesticks. My mother has quite a collection - I love the way the brass looks mixed in among the greenery here at ACountryFarmhouse. so simple and pretty dont you agree?

start your own collection - these 4 brass candlesticks in the shop are a gorgeous grouping and would make a lovely gift for the tastemaker in your life.


  1. Love this idea! Stunning images. I'm so much more inspired by holiday vignettes than that big tree "money shot" this year!!

  2. Every photo on A Country Farmhouse is so impossibly idyllic- I daydream about becoming their permanent houseguest.

    I tend to get a bit stressed out at Christmas time, so simple and clean holiday decor could be the perfect antidote. So lovely and calm!