Tuesday, December 14, 2010

somethings brewing

it may be cold and frightful outside - but tea makes it all better. nothing makes my morning more delightful than having a big pot of tea brewed on the stove -

ive been loving these vintage, and vintage inspired teapots. mine is looking a little well, loved at this point perhaps its time for a new one .....

vintage coffee percolator orange 1970s 1960s brewing penncrest 9 cup electric

vintage percolator retrokitchenstore

Orange Enameled Hot Water or Tea Kettle

enamel hot water kettle barkingsands vintage


occupied japan teapot timberstoys

White Enamel Tea Pot Kettle

white enamel tea pot kettle foxandthomas

Vintage White Ceramic Tea Kettle

vintage white ceramic tea kettle kizzyrayan123

SHUNGYO Japanese stoneware tea pot

shungyo japanese stoneware teapot zoe28

Granit Teapot

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