Thursday, October 7, 2010

Valerie Galloway

quite simply, i find myself very drawn to the work of artist Valerie Galloway. im not sure i can put my finger on exactly why. It love its straight forward nature, and the pallet of course. It contains all of the things I love about folk art, and in a way reminds me of the work of Frida Kohal's.

There is a fragility, heightened by that yellowed parchment colored background so indicative of paper ephemera, that makes me look at it again and again. And the scintillating red lips and cheeks on many of her women hint at something beneath it all.

Valerie write that she is "influenced by cinema and old family photos. I love to take a memory or impression and reshape it into a lovely vision" and lovely visions are just what these are. I think they would be just perfect framed in vintage oval portrait frames. find them in her etsy shop here.

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