Monday, October 25, 2010

picture perfect.

im printing up some business cards (finally) and am trying to decide on a front image for a set of larger cards (4x6) im a bit indecisive in my choice - but have narrowed it down to these. I would love a little help from you all in the final cut. what do you think??

it seem to be coming down to two groups. flowers (above) and farmhouse (below)

thanks for your help


  1. the very first photo (with the pale flower and dark berries) and the basket are my favorites. do you have to pick just one?

  2. thanks for weighing in! i dont have to pick just one but they come in batches of 500 -

  3. they're ALL so pretty, krissy. i'm a sucker for succulents though...

  4. I love the succlents and the dish/cutting board/eggs/ So simple beautiful :-)