Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A little cottage in the country

i often feel between two worlds - caught between the buzz and modernity of the city an the calmness of the rural. Always longing for one when im in the other -

i spent a few days at my brother's cottage in yountville ca. its tiny but filled with light. its everything i imagine needing in a country house. a small front porch with an ancient rocking chair. A perfect side yard just big enough for a garden and with a little deck and table for outside meals. Old heavily polished wood floors and a giant claw foot tub in the bathroom to wash away the good country dirt.

its simple here. its about good food and conversation. sunshine makes things grow and they grow rich and full. Bugs and birds and butterflies are everywhere...and so are some of the creepy crawlies that go bump in the night.

its a place where i feel creative, innovative and overwhelmed by the need to create. A mouthfull of wine taste like the work of thousands of honey bees and the fresh figs plucked from the trees are the sweetest things one can ever imagine.

i feel fortunate at the moment to have the possibility to escape from the city and camp out here for a few days...or at least until i miss the hummm of the city.

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