Thursday, April 21, 2011

under dress -ed

 fashion week continues here at Cottage Farm. watch out bryant park! i purchased this delectable dress at the alameda flea market a few weekends ago. the seller and i discussed the piece & both thought it was probably from the 70's, mostly because it has these (slightly hideous) white polly ties and buttons - but when i got it home and really looked it over i actually think its much older- like 30's or maybe even earlier and that. someone must have put these silly others on after the fact.
 So im on the hunt for some pretty shell buttons and vintage ribbon to remake the ties. im thinking a champagne color perhaps. But my big conundrum- what to undress it with. i have a vintage slip, exactly like this but cream & i though would work but it most certainly does not! 
so dear on the hunt for the perfect under dress and i have no idea what it is...any thoughts??


  1. If you want to look contemporary American Apparel sell long, simple cotton tanks in all sorts of colours. I have one that I wear under a slightly shear tunic. I think if you go with something vintage underneath it will look like a costume for a Merchant Ivory film - not contemporary enough - unless that's the look you want :-)

  2. Oh, that's beautiful! How long is the dress? I'll do some scouting around, perhaps :)

  3. fiona, i do want it to be contemporary and not costume-y. simple, unfussy and a little romantic is the look im going for. ill check them out.

    elizabeth, it falls just below the knee on me - about 45" or so-


  4. I'm sure you can find a great vintage slip in a nude or off white.