Monday, April 18, 2011

modern lady

ive been a bit obsessed with the edwardian period as of recently - watching downton abbey quite obsessively to drink up as much of the costume/clothing as possible. while i must admit i would have no hesitation walking the streets in a true edwardian dress, they are a bit hard to come by - but when i saw these skirts
i couldnt help but notice how perfectly they captured the romance of the edwardian clothing but with a distinctly modern sensibility - so now im not the hunt for something similar - i was thinking one of these long pale and flowing skirts would be divine paired with a blue chambray button-down and big leather belt
what do you think? would you rock one?


  1. I would definitely if I was tall enough (which I'm not... sigh!) I saw some gorgeous Chloe ones like this on Net-a-Porter a while ago, but suspect they sold out fast.

  2. I like skirts that go to tea length but these are probably too long for me. Even at 5'9" I usually feel more like I'm on the prairie than the romantic Edwardian times. Ha ha

  3. Being 5'3", I'm with Jane. Sadly, I'm too small to pull this off! I have to go Edwardian from the waist up- blouses with interesting collars or lace, black beaded jewelry, loosely curled coifs.

  4. Is this that last skirt?