Thursday, April 7, 2011

simon pearce

vermont has a very special place in my heart. as a child i spent many vacations exploring its woods and experiencing its landscape. i spent winters there learning to ski and to love the crisp cold sound of snow underfoot. eventually i attended college there and lived some of the most important years of my life. 

vermont is a state unlike any other, handmade has always been and remains a way of life. hard work, creative thinking & kindness are the most valued traits a person can possess. when i am an old woman i hope to own a little piece of land with a brook running though the back in a sweet little town somewhere in the state. there i will master the art of fly fishing, raise bees and grow things from the earth....

as a child i have vivid memories of visiting the studios of Simon Pearce. the pottery and glass blowing were equally captivating. the studio sits in a mill at the crest of a huge falls on the Ottauquechee River. through a maze of things i could never touch and down into the belly was where the demonstrations happened. so vivild is this experience etched into my mind i can still feel the heat of those fires on my face. 
it is a beautiful company with an inspired history. i was thumbing through their catalogue last evening and couldnt help but share some of their work - 
brookfield nesting bowls; hartland candlesticks; corinth thistle vase; barre serving bowls

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  1. Really beautiful! I will definitely check out this company.