Thursday, April 14, 2011

for love of: janine antoni

im sure many of you are familiar with the amazing work of janine antoni. she is a sculpture/performance artist who's work explores, among other things ideas of femininity and rituals of the everyday. 

Cradle, and im sorry for the image angle, but it begins with a tiny silver baby spoon resting inside an entire graduate of other spoons until it ends with the shovel of a backhoe excavator. 

i love how often she incorporates family relationships, objects and history. Umbilical is a silver cast of family heirloom silver, the artist mouth and her mothers hand. truly her work gives me goose bumps, i would love to experience a pice first hand but for now videos and photographs will have to suffice. this is a great ART21 video interview with antoni about the piece in the photograph below 

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