Thursday, March 1, 2012

an excerpt

"I recently received a fine printed catalog from one of my favorite antique silver dealers, SJ Shrubsole, located on 57th Street here in New York. In the introduction, the proprietor, Eric Shrubsole, tells a charming story about his parents. His mother would visit his father’s shop in London on occasion, and “from her perch of serene ignorance” she would claim surprise that he still had this or that old thing, orphaned and unsold. His father would answer in exasperation that yes, he still had this thing, and that thing, and that thing, and if he didn’t, he wouldn’t have a business anymore. Many decades later their son concludes, “My point is that inventory is the proof of a great dealer. We buy what we love; we wait for someone to love it as much as we do.”"

this little excerpt is from a post by thomas o'brien on his areo studio website. In his post he discusses his feelings about the current importance placed upon social media for/by small(er) businesses. I like that he has stopped, and asked his reader to stop, and take a moment to consider what impact this has upon a store built around objects with a history... 

but the above excerpt struck a particular cord. I feel just as this old silver shop keeper must have and joke with friends that I foster vintage pieces until they can find the right home .... because we- treasure hunters & finders of beautiful things- we buy what we love; we wait for someone to love it as much as we do .... 

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