Wednesday, March 14, 2012

before & after

a quick little before and after.  The above two photos are the before and the bottom two the afters. 

One of the things I hadn't really considered moving into this apartment was the long narrow and rather dark hallway. The front is wonderful and flooded with light but the back of the house gets none of this. 
So my plan was to give the passage some purpose. Drawing inspiration from the light blue paint that can be seen on the ceilings of many New England porches, I painted a pretty light blue above the picture rail - wall and ceiling - 
I then chose a birch type color for the walls thinking it would give some warmth to the space but what I hadnt anticipated was the reflection of the blue paint onto the birch color. It just managed to turn everything a sour greenish tinge. 
And so out came the "valspar delicate white" and the walls (and trim!) got a whole new coat. The white walls show of the grand architecture of the little passage in a way I hadn't anticipated and the whole space feels much more open and airy. It was worth the work and though it looks like a subtle change in the photos I assure you it seems monumental. 
It has been raining and raining here and so its very dark.. the colors in the photos may seem a bit off because I had to turn on the over heads. The ceiling color is not aqua as it may appear but a very soft pretty light blue. 

Happy Wednesday! 

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