Wednesday, January 11, 2012

thebes stools

im finding myself completely enamored with the curves & good looks of the thebes stool. 
Based on ancient Egyptian design they have a wooden base with leather, wood or caned tops.
I must admit I am always fascinated by designs that are able to reinvent themselves in different time periods. The popularity of this design is illustrated by the contemporary incarnation of the red madeline stuart design on the top left. 

The design was reintroduced by numerous designers, companies and craftsmen in the last half of the 19th century. One of the largest producers at the time was the London based Liberty Co and one could argue that they popularized the design among the general public. 

It seems to have stood the test of time (wink, wink). I am particularly fond of the three legged version. It reminds me of a more refined and elegant milking stool. 

alan design studio 
christies (2 dark stools on the right)
the buck house via 1st dibs triangular stool 
victoria and albert museum archive 
red thebes stool: madeline stuart 

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