Tuesday, January 10, 2012

bathroom: before & after

my bathroom was looking quite sad ~too white, too sterile & zero personality. When looking at the apartment I was excited about the penny tile, chrome accents and (you cant see it in this photo) the big pewter doorknob on the back side of the door. 

But the bottom line was that this space needed a pick me up in a huge way. I had considered painting the vanity and mirror black (and I still may) and I would love to change out the terrible light fixture however the biggest issue was the very large and poorly painted wall glaring at you whenever you entered. 

And so the after: 

 A while back, I fell in love with this set of vintage scientific plates. Many of them are macro views of everyday objects, occurrences or phenomena. Their graphic quality and minimal wood frames give them a bold presences. Perfect for bringing some life and interest to a sad little bathroom.  

Some individual in 1958 carefully framed the entire portfolio and was kind enough to paste the description of each image on the back side. The second image down from the top on the left is of drosophila or fruit fly chromosomes. A detailed description is printed on the reverse and signed and dated by whomever put together these prints and framed them. I love the sense of whimsy and curiosity the evoke. Hanging a grid was no treat but im pretty happy with the results. 


  1. I love your bath, it looks gorgeous! Do you worry about humidity and yuour prints? I just discovered your blog and I just love it - visual treat. Do you mind if I share (and credit of course) your perfect bath? :)

    1. Hi Ann!
      so glad you found the blog and are enjoying it. I don't worry about humidity all that much because just behind the shower curtain is a huge window that can be opened to allow the steam out. I would be happy to have you share the little bathroom. thank you for asking.