Thursday, September 1, 2011

mark cunningham

 for me there are those certain spaces that stick in the corners of my memory, subconsciously perhaps, but forever bubbling to the surface. causing me to see certain things in certain way, and consider what i would not perhaps have before. this is the upstate new york home of designer mark cunningham. a sophisticated space that has me continuously captivate. 
i love how seamlessly the space is able to hold classic american and masculine pieces with gentler modern and natural, global nods. 

i really think its so simply beautiful... ooh and i love that unexpected barn light on the celling and that upholstered headboard wall. there are so many wonderful, elegant and quite places to look. it feels so calm. 
can you tell how much i love this space?


  1. The first image is, I feel, a perfect talisman for your style. I thought for a moment it might be your home because it fits you so well. So, yes, I can see why you'd love this home!

  2. I love the basket in the top photo!!

  3. The first impression I got was that I wanted to add art to the walls. I can appreciate the calmness of the space but I crave color.

  4. jane. your comment made my day! i hope that one day my home can be as elegant.