Tuesday, September 20, 2011

fall bounty

 fall in new england must be one of the most glorious times of the year anywhere. the days are warm and the light is bright but mellow. the air is lovely and carries a crispness on it... 
the back of my parents property is as wild as any tamed pasture can be and many concord grape vines ramble along its ancient stonewall and climb the skeletons of old trees. i spent the afternoon picking a bountiful harvest of these voluptuous wild fruit. 
 with a scent of heavy, almost intoxicating perfume filling the air, they are not hard to find. 
they taste of the condensed summer's sun and the dry grassiness of the field. its a bit hard to describe but the flavor brings me straight back to childhood. 
this big basket full will make a glorious batch of jelly and be very welcome in the dead of winter. 
a little observer was present. as tiny as the tip of your pinky finger but perfectly formed in miniature and a startling bright green color.