Tuesday, February 1, 2011

inspired loft. mike murphy

im simply dying over this super chic, smart and very handsome apartment by designer mike murphy. 
it was featured on apartment therapy in early january. they describe it as a masculine vintage. and i suppose this is true but it feels so modern and homey also. i would move in in a second. and those floor to celling windows! 
i adore the the industrial nod and the predominating grey and black color pallet. the subtle introductions of green and the collections of blankets hanging over the railing are divine. i also love his incorporation of modern and mid century pieces with such things as white bead board and other distinctly american farmhouse details. 
two other things for me to love. its a tiny little loft space just large enough for everything one would need in a home, and he has picked up most of his amazing finds on the sidewalk. truly one for the inspiration board. 


  1. ah, it maybe a bit masculine but it definitely looks like a place i could love. you summed it up perfectly. sue

  2. Wow - the second image is incredible, the whole place so inspiring!