Thursday, February 10, 2011

cheese school

on tuesday night i got schooled. cheese schooled that is! it was an amazing birthday present from SOS and the classes are so popular that we were just now able to get into the one we wanted "locavore's beer and cheese" and it was well worth the wait. 
the class was lead by sheana davis, a cheese maker from sonoma, ca. thats her cheese at 12 o'clock on the plate. sorry for the bad iphone pics but it was really the only option as a large dslr would have disrupted my ability to get cheese and beer into my mouth.

the Cheese School of San Francisco offers many classes all bout eating, making and loving cheese. oh ya and beer and wine too. not only did we meet lots of nice people and eat tons of yummy cheese but Sheana was super knowledgeable about things cheese and agriculture related in the bay area. like you can do a farm tour at mcclelland's dairy! 

ive got many new things to check out in SF and surrounding area - cant wait to share some of the adventures!

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  1. this would be my dream gift. how magnificent! i wouldn't turn a chocolate class away either. i mean, for the sake of continuing education...