Wednesday, August 26, 2009

life'sa beach - french beach house

this would be the lovely little slice of heaven belonging to a friend of mine who was gracious enough to extend an invitation to me for a visit- its a beautiful little house tucked away on a hillside above the town of giens - a perfect spot to relax and not have to use my brain for a bit - but i did get to exercise my eyes! besides the breathtaking view- the house was lovely and has a collection of things that sparked the idea roller coaster -
the color of this door is so amazing, a deep tealish, its the color of the mediterranean and has a definite nautical influence. it wouldn't be the first color i would think of for a beach house and yet its perfect and sophisticated. i also love the way its complimentary to the terracotta tiles - so great!

this is part of the living area - its got that super casual sweep-out feel that i think is a necessity in making a beach house feel relaxing and uncomplicated and yet through a bit of accent color, furniture and light fixtures is updated and modern, all of which is pretty impressive seeing as this home was decorated 30 years ago!

don't you just love this pendant light - i'm still working on trying to find out who makes it but it totally reminds me of the poul henningsen light from elisabeth dunker's kitchen? and its a bit unexpected for a beach house but is still airy and light. one of the things i always admire in french homes is the wonderful use of tile, decorative and otherwise, but it always looks casual and sophisticated at the same time. these floors aren't any exception - simple terracotta tiles with a unique shape running throughout the house becomes the neutral backdrop that unites all of the other elements of the decor.
and this chair! actually there is a pair of them in the room - i love it! its not light, white or neutral -again things i expect in a beach house - not that there is anything wrong with this - i just love the unexpectedness of this dark black - its such a strong element and another thing i love, the seat as the same color of the inside of that front door (remember its teal on the outside) and the rounded window in the background - again unexpected but uniting elements!!

on to my usual favorite room in any house - the kitchen! this one is no exception - again tiles! and the cabinets are all painted with white enamel paint and have red formica counter top!! totally great!!

below are just a few other spots in the house that i found myself drawn to - enjoy!!

there were a few of these fabulous glass lamps around the house - i love how simple they are - anyone have any suggestions for finding something similar state-side?


  1. Love your use of lighting in your photos! Great job....that looks like some place to visit!

  2. Theresa says why didn't you take your Mom and
    I with you. We would of had a great time and
    party every night. Your pictures are great.
    It certtaqinly is a great place to see.