Tuesday, August 25, 2009

in bourges

hummm where to start really - i decided that traveling for me is like yoga -not only do i love the experience and the people i get to encounter but it forces the stretch of every part of my body, places i didn't know i had (metaphorically speaking of course except for flying, the older i get the more it actually hurts) while remaining mentally calm and still - breathing it all in deep from within. "dont miss it", "dont take your eyes off it", "remain aware", "remain open" - yoga.

so again where to start? well, from the end of course. on my last day in france i had to drive from the teeny tiny village of chapsal up to paris - on the way up i remained open, aware and tried not to miss it - this mantra lead me about 20 miles off the highway - and into the beautiful, stunning, breathtaking town of bourges-
this is a very old and culturally centered city - at one time it was even the center for alchemy!!
i parked down at the bottom of the hill from the city center and walked up - the architecture and roof lines on the way up were simply stunning

i love this sign - apparently the city is known for having timber made houses, in fact it has a whole district of them which unfortunately i missed but perhaps that influence explains this awesome sign -

and how did i find this town your asking?? well they have a beacon off the highway also know as the gothic cathedral of saint etienne, an unesco world heritage site, and with out a doubt the most beautiful thing i have ever laid my little eyes on - construction on this cathedral was begun at the end of the 12th century and completed in the 13th. it is considered the earliest example of the high gothic style.

i was obsessed with the way the light was coming through this green glass window -

so this town is just one of those places that keeps getting better like a frosted chocolate molten cake! with each bite you get to something even better than what you just thought couldn't get any better!!
so outside of this crazy beautiful cathedral is a breathtaking formal garden -

the way they mix plants, colors, flowers and textures together seems perhaps haphazard but all together sums up to be soulfully good - they included grasses, inpatients and coleus with things of more formality like rose and boxwood topiary

i sorta stalked this old couple as they walked among the garden at sunset, they were arm and arm just walking along enjoying the flowers. another total fantasy happening here - before i got to the cathedral or the garden - i came upon a little park area where there was live music emanating out form an iron framed gazebo while people of all ages danced and laughed an enjoyed themselves on the lovely summer evening -

its nice to see communities using public spaces which have been important to the towns for generations - so romantic

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