Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Fruits of Labor : Redcurrant & Spinach Salad

Watching these tiny red jeweled globes appear at the markets has been on of the greatest culinary thrills for me here in London thus far. They are stunning and I felt inspired make something with them.

I had a look through some of my cookbooks at just what to do with them but everything seemed to involve Redcurrants as a dessert. Likely this is because they have a fresh and rather tart taste to them. But its been so hot here that the thought of turning on the oven was unbearable, so to find a way to use them in a savory dish. 
I wanted to maintain the fruit as much as possible both for its little burst of tartness as its gorgeous looks. 
This Redcurrant Salad does exactly that and more. It is a surprisingly robust salad for its seemingly delicate ingredients. And, it pairs exceptionally well with cold chicken or grilled steaks. So its perfect for a quick Monday night dinner. 

Redcurrant Salad with a Green Tea Miso Dressing 
serves 2
First Make the Dressing 
1/4 tsp of very finely sliced shallot 
1/2 tsp of Mirin 
Dash of Salt 

Combine these ingredients in a small bowl and let them stand for a few minutes
Then add to this mixture 
3 tsp of sweet miso 
2 tsp of honey 
4 tsp of strongly brewed green tea

Whisk throughly to combine 

Assemble the Salad
Use the desired portion of baby spinach leaves on each plate
Drizzle generously with the miso dressing 
Top each salad with 15 -20 redcurrants 
a heaping Tbsp of crumbled feta
a handful of roasted shelled pistachios 
and fresh cracked black pepper 

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