Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Things Im Loving : Plane travel comfort

I'm off this afternoon for a whirlwind tour of well, half the world. At least it feels that way! So todays post is inspired by things I'm loving for casual but chic plane travel. 

Very important ~
Each of these layers on their own is featherweight so they add warmth without bulk. I love the bit of  glamor in the satin detail on this crepe blazer . The pop of color from the persimmon sweater will be great after my 7 hr flight. The pretty color will keep me from looking washed out after the long flight and you can never go wrong with a striped base layer!

I'm pairing the top layers with classics like dark skinny jeans, a chic leather loafer, and animal print belt.  I am seriously lusting after this chunky men's watch. It is a practical alternative to a cuff bracelet, and I know I will get to my flight on time!and the hefty scale is very cool. Of course no plane trip would be complete without the large catch all bag. I love the structure of this leather one and the detail on the handles. 

* I will be in and out of the blog over the next few weeks, but do check back. Regular posting will return after the 8th of July. 

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