Wednesday, April 11, 2012

fruits of labor

lately I've been addicted to this little late afternoon snack. When I saw it first on one of my favorite food blogs MyNewRoots I was intrigued by the thought of the roasted grapes. They did not disappoint.  And though I have not yet attempted the homemade ricotta (i've been using a very soft delicious goat cheese) one of these weekends I will be giving it a whirl. 
But for now- It makes a most delicious snack. Ive even been saving a few of the grapes for my oats in the morning. 

Recipe from MyNewRoots : Ricotta on Toasts with Roasted Fruit 
1 pear, sliced 
half a cup of grapes or so 
coconut oil, melted 
sea salt 
black pepper 
slices of your favorite crunchy bread 

preheat oven to 405°
toss grapes & pear in oil to lightly coat. Roast with thyme sprigs 8-10 minutes until grape skins split/pears slightly caramelized. 
Toast bread and spread with cheese. add roasted fruit, drizzle with honey, S&P and serve. 


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  1. Wow, yum! This makes me excited for our grape trellis to get going!