Tuesday, February 7, 2012

the butcher

In Ireland over the christmas holiday one of the the best experiences was heading into the butcher shop. I waited in line with a few other ladies and watched as each placed their order with either the butcher or his assistant. After the request was made which ever type of meat was taken from the cooler, the desired cut selected from the whole animal and then skillfully the butcher cut away the exact piece (each time he was with in tenths of the poundage requested) and the customer left with a neat little brown paper package. 
(check out the apron!)
I was nearly giddy at my turn, and im sure the butcher was thinking (as some of you may be reading this at the moment) what was up with the silly american. I practically climbed behind the counter to see into the walk-in. Since then I have been thinking that butcher has some of the coolest tools in the trade. 

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