Monday, September 13, 2010

the caulfield collection. inspiration

today i wanted to share a bit more about the collections i have been putting together in the shop. The Caulfield Collection was released a few weeks ago to tremendous feed back! im so glad every one is enjoying it. I wanted to share a little more about my inspiration for this collection, which will be running until early spring. so w. out further ado
- handsome isnt he?
jd salinger's character holden caulfield is the inspiration for this collection, but this is what i imagine him to be like, though slightly older, in real life. Meet Zach Motl.

some of you may remember him from this article in the NYTs H&G section a while back. I have not been able to get his inspiring space out of my head. and so it became a spring board for the Caulfield Colleciton.

i have such a penchance for this type of boyishly minded american design. and i hope you love it or find something to love in it too!!

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