Tuesday, June 30, 2009

the cottage at cottage farm

well here goes, my first post on the cottagelog. i thought that it should be a little insight into where i am coming from and so i am going to post pics of the first space that i ever remember being inspired by. the cottage at cottage farm.
my great-grand parents immigrated to worcester, ma. from sweden and bought a farm. it was named cottage farm because of its numerous cottage-like outbuildings built to house animals. 4 generations later the little sheeps' cottage is still being used and the farm is still a small but working one and the rose bush gets more and more beautiful each year. as a child i used to fantasize about making this space into a little place of my own and 20 years later im still fantasizing about making spaces my own. i am on apartment number 4 and with no plans to buy anytime soon this blog will inevitably be part reality and part fantasy but really whats so bad about that??
i currently live in san francisco where i am attending a grad program at the san francisco art institute for an mfa in photography. while i pursue my degree, i am living in a 150 sq foot studio apt with my boyfriend. i love the domestic space and all the lovely things associated with it including the comfort to express yourself. my goal for this blog will be to do just that, through posts and explorations of all things domestic and otherwise inspiring.
im excited and i hope you are too to follow my escapades as i embark on this little adventure.

and now as promised the cottage!

enjoy your tuesday!

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