Tuesday, July 14, 2009

in true american spirit

so i have recently been falling in love with this simple, clean but chunky and very classic looking china. ive been noticing it a lot lately here on the west coast and was surprised to find it out east as well. i have seen this great looking china in many different places, colors, sizes and shapes - and its all great! in short - there is something new in my kitchen.
behold -

it's "restaurant-ware" - its the classic work horse of the american diner (another love of mine) - and has probably served at least one meal to you, your parents and your grandparents. yup its been around for that long! tepco(here is some good history on this cali native), syracuse, buffalo, sterling, shenango and other companies less well known.
this china has been an amazing part of american history in so many ways its unbelivable - from disney to the navy. i like thinking where it may have been before my kitchen. another plus - its pretty darn indistructable and will be around for years to come. perfection.

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i love this little black and white espresso cup!!

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