Wednesday, October 19, 2011

ode to chemex

i think i must have breakfast on the brain... the mornings here in san francisco have been spectacular, clear and bright and crisp and i have been soaking up every glorious moment. I also switched over to a chemex coffee pot for the morning's wake-up call. I have to say after using a french press the chemex is the bees knees! 
Im more than a little obsessed with it, both from a perfect cup angle and a design perspective. I love its shape and the way it looks all set up with the paper filter and rich coco-black coffee inside & to top it all off that little wooden collar and rawhide tie. I think its so chic. 
 anatomy of the chemex.

whats funny is that until i came to sf (i also think grad school had something to do with it) i didnt even drink coffee! but with such a strong culture around the stuff here on the west coast i acclimated rather quickly and have surely been making up for lost time. 

images can be found on my Chemex pintrest board


  1. oh i love this... i have been dying to try a chemex. it is truly beautiful, isn't it?

  2. Wow so beautiful! That's inspiring. Have you tried an aeropress? I don't want to ruin the lovely relationship you have with your Chemex...

    Great photography too.

    I agree with what you say about the San Francisco coffee culture - it's quite strong, but coming from Sydney Australia I also appreciated how strong the coffee culture is here too.

    They say San Francisco and Sydney are sisters, so this is yet another thing they share.