Thursday, January 6, 2011

In with the new : before and after

first, let me welcome you to my new blog!!!!

when i first started blogging 2 years ago the blog title i wanted wasn't available - so i patently waited and kept checking - and guess what santa brought me for christmas - the COTTAGE FARM BLOG!!!
can you tell im excited?
so just in time for 2011, i will now be blogging from here. - its nice to have all my ducks in a row.

and now without further ado. a before and after to ring in the new year.purchased at the salvation army for 10$

hand sanded first with 100 grit sand paper (3$ for a pack of 4 sheets and 2 were used) and then sanded again with 350 grit sandpaper (3$ for a pack of 4 sheets and 2 were used) **wear a mask when sanding and painting.

next i primed using a large can of rustoleum's grey primer (aprox 6$) and two cans of rustoleum's glossy black enamel paint (each aprox 4$)

and voila! these will be replacing some green ikea chairs i had previously painted for the kitchen.


  1. lovely. the majority of our house is furnished with the same kind of stuff. the best kind of loot, i say.

  2. The watercolor-I think-background of your new blog title is exquisite--excellent logo image! Congrats on your success with your your blog title.