Monday, June 28, 2010

find your way out of a paper bag - MAPTOTES

yesterday i was at the Giants/Redsox game - it was a beautiful day for baseball! but i also saw a girl carrying the cutest Boston tote - of course i went up to her and asked her about this adorable canvas bag she was carrying - a MAPTOTE

above is the boston grocery tote - i think this would be such a cute bag to fill for bridesmaids gifts or gift bags for wedding guests - the are very reasonable and made by the cutest couple im totally stoked on these great bags!!

and below are a few other city totes that i loved - including the Napa wine bag - how cute of a gift this would be to bring to your weekend host or hostess!


  1. love the boston tote :) and i love that the napa tote is perfect for wine.

  2. i have boston map totes n lovin' it!