Tuesday, October 27, 2009

red and white all over

so i have been feeling really inspired lately by red and white, a pretty classic color combination that packs a punch! i feel like i have been noticing it everywhere i go - in stores, on the street, on etsy - every where! below are a few of my favorite red and white things.

this bathroom makes me swoon. i love the hexed red and white tile floor with the black and the brass accents against that luscious glossy red paneling. im transported into a glamours 1920's train travel movie.

love this little shop in my neighborhood!


  1. That bathroom is really something! This is a great round-up.

  2. Absolutely love red and white too. I recently painted shelves red and white stripes and posted it on my blog if you want to have a peek!

  3. thank you!

    maryam - wow what an amazing adventure you are on! the bookshelf along with everything else on your site is beautiful!! thanks for sharing.