Monday, September 28, 2009

a well rounded workspace

i'm totally loving this combo!!!! recently ive come to the realization that - with the etsy shop, my final year of grad school, this blog and a multitude of other projects i need a home work space.
thought living in a teeny tiny apartment has its advantages - like being able to vaccaume the entire place from top to bottom in under 15 minutes, making space for every part of your life can be a challenge- the traditional desk is out, and so is a wall mounted desk that come out at an angle. none of these options has been exciting or practical. but this weekend i was flipping back through some of my archived Domino magazines and came across and article on living in a studio apartment - and i got inspired!! i tried to post this inspiration but the file was too big! HA seems everything in my life is meant to be small.

what i love about this light fixture and what makes it perfect its that it can simply be hung on the wall and plugged in - a lovely way to create a directed light source with out the ability to install a pendant light in a rented apartment its tops!!

along with the table above - this one can also be found at ikea - i love the lines and the center hole is a perfect way to keep all the cords and wired corralled!
the last part of the inspiration requires a mix of vintage chairs - with the fall and back to school i've been having a thing for vintage wooden school chairs - here are a few i found on etsy that i think will fit in nicely!

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